Wageningen Research - Stichting Wageningen Research
Wageningen Economic Research explores and explains policies, strategies and value creation concerning the environment, citizens, and society. We support businesses and government bodies worldwide by exploring the latest trends in nutrition and the living environment. Based on our expertise and data, we provide new insights and opportunities. We explain what may happen, what is happening, and what has happened. We measure and monitor effects at company, sector, and macro level, with clear indicators and insight into the how and why. We offer businesses and governments strategies for impact and policy development. This helps our clients to become more efficient, effective, and sustainable. We work on new business models and sustainable policies to create value for businesses, governments, the environment, consumers, and society.
Role in the project:
Within InCiTiS-FOOD, Wageningen Research works on food systems transformation through evaluating the current food system and addressing local challenges through living labs and an active digital innovation environment destined to support co-creation in aquaponics, hydroponics, insect farming and circular aquaponic systems (RAS) in a multi-actor environment.