Université des Sciences et Techniques de Masuku

Established in 1986, the Masuku University of Science and Technology was formed through the relocation of the Faculty of Science from Libreville to Franceville. The former National School of Engineers of Libreville (ENSIL), now known as the Polytechnic School of Masuku (EPM), was also included in this transfer. The university’s establishment was made possible by funding from the Gabonese Investment Fund, with support from the Saudi Development Fund, the Islamic Development Bank, and the French Republic.

Role in the project:

USTM hosts a living lab and takes the lead in T5.3, focusing on the Events Roadshow, and T5.4, dedicated to Ecosystem Building. Additionally, USTM plays a vital role in various other tasks, including developing data-driven tools and measures for urban food policy to foster sustainable and resilient food systems. It also generates evidence on the impact of circular innovations on the well-being of adopters, among other contributions.