The Zurich University of Applied Sciences
ZHAW- The Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) is one of Switzerland’s leading universities of applied sciences. It offers teaching, research, and continuing education that are both practice-oriented and science-based. Closing water and nutrient cycles by fish and vegetable production has been the focus of the R&D of ZHAW since 1993. The solutions and concepts are at the interface between technology, society, and nature. The university has established itself as one of the foremost global authorities on implementing aquaponic systems and combines expertise in soilless cultivation (hydroponics, bioponics) and recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS).
Role in the project:
ZHAW mainly collaborates in WP2 “Developing demand-driven circular agri-food technologies and practices”, which aims to develop agri-food technologies and practices with TRL#7 & SRL#7, while increasing the degree of circularity, reducing environmental footprint, and improving food yield and safety. The ZHAW is leading capacity building in living labs, including “training of trainers” and preparation of online teaching materials. It will contribute to all other tasks in WP2, as well as to other WPs, notably WP1 and WP6.