SunLight Future Africa Limited

SunLight Future Africa caters to the private and public sector which seeks to assess environmental risks, as well as to mitigate those risks. This impact partner and sustainability advisor offers strategic and multi-disciplinary services to clients, offering the expertise of climate change specialists that have experience in climate change policy, low carbon technologies, carbon management, emissions trading and greenhouse gas inventories. Their wide range of expertise includes developing full-proof strategies and policies to lower greenhouse gas emissions and lower operational costs and risks.

Role in the project:

SunLight Future Africa (SF Africa) acts as the project’s and consortium’s solar power expert. The impact partner and sustainability advisor will lead T2.4.5. It will provide blueprints of innovative circular agri-food technologies and practises ready for local production. It will also contribute to T1.3 (Identify Local Resources and Service Streams for Food System Innovations), T2.1 (Preparation of the 8 LLs to Undertake INCiTiS-FOOD Research and Innovation Action), and other actions.