12-31-2023 at Njala University Living Lab

Exciting news from the Njala University Living Lab! The hydroponic tomatoes are gearing up for a fruitful season, showcasing the magic of a nutrient-rich blend. The combination of NPK enriched with micronutrients, coupled with diluted Black Soldier Fly (BSF) manure, is proving to be a winning formula for robust plant growth. Not only are the hydroponic tomatoes set to flourish, but the Jute (Olitorius corchorus) is also thriving, thanks to the nutrient-rich wastewater from the aquaponics system. This underscores the potential for maximizing benefits in a regular backyard garden using back-flushed aquaponics wastewater. The LL team plans to preserve the Jute seeds for mass cultivation, demonstrating the sustainability and resource efficiency of their innovative farming practices.
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