13-07-2023 at Aglobe Development Center Living Lab

As another planting season unfolds at one of the Nigerian LL of INCiTiS-FOOD, the cycle of growth continues with a diversity of seeds finding their home in the soil:

🌱 The seed of Okro (Abelmoschus esculentus) takes root, destined to yield the popular and versatile okra.

🌱 Tętę (Amaranth greens) seeds are sown, promising vibrant and nutrient-rich greens that grace our tables.

🌱 Ewedu (Jute leaf) seeds find their place in the earth, heralding the emergence of a cherished leafy vegetable.

🌱 Shòkó (Celosia argentea) seeds are carefully nurtured, poised to give rise to this captivating and valuable plant.

This process of planting not only ensures a continued abundance of fresh produce but also symbolizes the cyclical renewal of nature’s bounty, fostering sustenance and well-being for all.

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