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Students are Gaining Valuable Practical Experience at Egerton Living Lab

Students want to learn and gain valuable practical experience. At Egerton Living Lab students are taking data on fish parameters. This practical exercise deepens their understanding of fish biology, behaviour, and aquaponics.

KU Living Lab Team with Three Students

Collaboration is very important for success! The KU Living Lab team is working closely with three students. The goal is to share knowledge, learn together and build a more sustainable agriculture together.

Organizing Training Sessions and Working on Black Soldier Fly Pupae at the University of Ibadan

It is very eventful at the University of Ibadan! As a part of the academic journey, Practical year students of the department are attending their training sessions. Also, a training session has been organized for Agriculture students at Immanuel College in Ibadan. Meanwhile, technical assistants are actively engaged in the Insectary, focusing and working on the Black Soldier Fly (BSF) pupae, with the aim to advance research and practical knowledge in insect farming.

The Nigerian Air Force Impressed by the Aglobe Development Center Prototype

The Nigerian Air Force was impressed upon reviewing the prototype from the Aglobe Development Center. Dedication and hard work put into the creation of the prototype was recognised. The innovative design exceeds expectations!

Eating Healthy at Egerton Living Lab

We are once again bringing the news from Egerton Living Lab! Sustainable agriculture is transforming people in Nakura. Farmers are now eating healthy food during well-deserved breaks, after all the hard work they have done.

Aglobe Development Center Team Empowering the Next Generation

The Aglobe Development Center Team is dedicated to empowering the next generation through the balanced blend of knowledge and nature. Their mission involves nurturing minds and planting the seeds of sustainable urban agriculture at Airforce Secondary School in Shasha, Lagos, Nigeria.

Insect Farming at Njala University

At Njala University, the team is working on more sustainable agriculture while advancing the field of insect farming. The whole team is working hard and managing tasks together with other members of the department.

Students visited the Njala University Living Lab

Experts are transferring knowledge to younger generations at Njala University. Practical sessions in Plant Physiology for the students from the Department of Biological Sciences were held at the Living Lab (LL). Students were led through the LL where they learned all about the processes and operations from knowledgeable people in the field.

Tomatoes will soon be ready for harvesting at Egerton University Living Lab

It is time again to share some thrilling updates from one of our Living Labs! Thanks to the hard work of dedicated farmers (adopters of INCiTiS-FOOD solutions) in Egerton University Living Lab, in just a few weeks, tomatoes grown in pumice will be ready for harvesting.

02-01-2024 at Aglobe Development Center Living Lab

For the second consecutive day, AGLOBE continues its meaningful initiative by generously distributing catfish to the esteemed elders of the host community. This ongoing activity underscores the commitment to sustained community engagement and emphasizes the positive outcomes of responsible aquaculture. AGLOBE’s dedication to sharing the benefits of innovative farming practices is evident as the distribution extends into its second day, strengthening connections within the community and showcasing the ongoing positive impact.
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