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The University of Ibadan Living Lab organized an onboarding program

The University of Ibadan Living Lab organized an onboarding program aimed at familiarising the public with the INCiTiS-FOOD urban food production innovation and welcoming new participants.

The event featured informative presentations and hands-on experiences covering:

– A presentation about the INCiTiS-FOOD project and the onboarding process.

– Presentations on the topic of insect production, highlighting its significance in sustainable food systems.

– The hydroponic unit to observe the growth of vegetables and tomatoes planted during the General Assembly in February 2024.

– Presentations on aquaponic and hydroponic units, emphasizing their role in urban food production.

Overall, the event served as an informative and interactive platform, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among participants and stakeholders.

Organizing Training Sessions and Working on Black Soldier Fly Pupae at the University of Ibadan

It is very eventful at the University of Ibadan! As a part of the academic journey, Practical year students of the department are attending their training sessions. Also, a training session has been organized for Agriculture students at Immanuel College in Ibadan. Meanwhile, technical assistants are actively engaged in the Insectary, focusing and working on the Black Soldier Fly (BSF) pupae, with the aim to advance research and practical knowledge in insect farming.

Sweet peppers are fruiting at the University of Ibadan Living Lab

The University of Ibadan Living Lab (UI LL) is going to pick the fruits – or rather vegetables – of their labour soon. Purely organic sweet peppers are fruiting at the UI. Without using pesticides or any fertilizer, peppers are currently being taken care of and soon enough, they will be shared with the community. 

Important guests at the University of Ibadan Living Lab

Important guests visited the Living Lab at the University of Ibadan; namely, on December 20th, 2023, the University Administrative officers attended an Internal Coordination and Reporting Meeting. They were hosted at the Living Lab where they could see all the ongoing processes and progress already made.

30-11-2023 at University of Ibadan Living Lab

Secondary school students take interest in the LLs circular food system, visiting University of Ibadan Living Lab. Engaging youth is crucial for advancing new technologies and approaches, the LL takes great pride in hosting such activities.

24-11-2023 at the University of Ibadan Living Lab

Welcoming practical year students at the University of Ibadan Living Lab, where they explored the fascinating world of circular food systems! From aquaponics to insect production, Dr. Ajiboye presented an enlightening session, unraveling the core concepts of sustainable agriculture.

05-09-2023 at University of Ibadan LL

The UI Living Lab is thrilled to announce a significant milestone in their mission to advance sustainable agriculture and innovative farming techniques. Construction was underway and successfully completed for the state-of-the-art screen house.

This screen house represents a significant leap forward in the LL’s commitment to promoting sustainable and eco-friendly agriculture. It will provide a controlled environment for plant growth, shielding crops from adverse weather conditions and pests, while also allowing us to explore cutting-edge farming technologies.

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