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20-10-2023 at the University for Development Studies Living Lab

Recently the UDS Living Lab conducted an enlightening training session for summer school students from The West African Center for Sustainable Rural Transformation (WAC-SRT), focusing on the fascinating realm of urban and peri-urban agriculture. The model used for this immersive learning experience was none other than aquaponics, a sustainable agricultural method gaining prominence worldwide.
This initiative learning method exemplifies the LLs dedication to nurturing the environmental stewards of tomorrow. By providing hands-on training in the innovative field of aquaponics, the UDS LL aims to equip students with valuable insights and practical skills. As they dive into the complexities of urban and peri-urban agriculture, they gain a deeper understanding of its vital role in promoting sustainability and food security.

28-09-2023 at the University for Development Studies Living Lab

The UDS Living Laboratory in Ghana proudly shares the growth of its second batch of lettuce. Students from the WAC_SRT summer school gather, engaged in discussions about the Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) component of the Aquaponics system. This dynamic learning environment is cultivating the next generation’s understanding of sustainable agriculture and aquaponics technology. Watch as these future leaders contribute to a more food-secure and eco-friendly world.

28-09-2023 at the University for Development Studies Living Lab

Ghana’s UDS Living Laboratory is making remarkable strides in sustainable agriculture. Recent photos reveal the construction of media beds and nutrient film technique (NFT) systems, showcasing progress in hydroponic farming. These efforts represent a significant commitment to resource-efficient crop cultivation and sustainable agriculture.

19-09-2023 at the University for Development Studies Living Lab

The UDS Living Lab team is excited to announce to you all a noteworthy accomplishment. Once more, the LLs aquaponics system has performed admirably! An astounding transformation in just five months has been seen as the catfish have developed from a meager 57 grams to an incredible 700+ grams. This accomplishment demonstrates how well the aquaponics system fosters sustainable farming.

12-09-2023 at the University for Development Studies Living Lab

The planting of new lettuce seedlings has revitalized the Deep Water Culture (DWC) system at UDS LL. These tender greens are currently prospering in their aquatic habitat and prepared to flourish. The DWC system’s renewal denotes a dedication to sustainable agriculture and ongoing hydroponic farming research. The Living Laboratory is still committed to supporting creative approaches to effective and environmentally sustainable food production.

11-09-2023 at University for Development Studies Living Lab

A harvest of mint leaves has been successfully gathered at the UDS Living Laboratory, marking a recent milestone achievement. These vivid green leaves have undergone careful preparation and are now ready for distribution and packing. The dried mint leaves, which will be used to make delicious mint tea and flavor enhancers, are sure to tempt the taste buds. This flavorful, homegrown product exemplifies sustainable agricultural methods and highlights the successful effects of the cutting-edge initiatives sprouting up at UDS LL.

06-09-2023 at University for Development Studies

In a remarkable feat of sustainable farming technology, the UDS Living Laboratory (UDS LL) has proudly announced a successful vegetable harvest, including peppers and tomatoes, from its cutting-edge aquaponics system.

01-08-2023 at UDS Living Lab

Tomato , leafy salad and peeps getting ready for harvest.

10-08-2023 at UDS Living Lab

The UDS Living Laboratory proudly presents a bounty of ripe, tomatoes, meticulously nurtured and now ready to be utilized within the community.

09-08-2023 UDS Living Lab

Within the captivating realm of the UDS Living Laboratory, the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management orchestrates a continuous symphony of hands-on evaluations for its enthusiastic L100 students. This dynamic initiative not only provides a stage for experiential learning but also lays the foundation for a transformative journey in the realm of fisheries and aquatic resources.

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