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11-11-2023 at Njala University Living Lab

The team in Sierra Leone Living Lab has successfully harvested pupa and pre-pupa for their insect unit. Excitingly, the Njala University Living Lab now has a set of containers filled with pre-pupa available for sale to interested farmers in Sierra Leone.

06-11-2023 at at Njala University Living Lab

The Living Lab’s green or salad peppers are now on their way to the market, ready to add a burst of freshness to meals in local communities! Meanwhile, the tomatoes in hydroponics systems are flourishing, promising a delightful and sustainable harvest.

31-10-2023 at Njala University Living Lab

The insect unit at INCiTiS-FOOD’s NUSL is making steady progress and is set to be ready for action soon. One of the components of the Living Lab’s circular food solution approach os the rearing of insects.

26-10-2023 at Njala University Living Lab

Exciting developments at INCiTiS-FOOD Njala University Living Lab as their Black Soldier Fly (BSF) larvae are gearing up for takeoff in the insect unit! The LL will demonstrate sustainable insect farming in action.

25-10-2023 at Njala University Living Lab

We are thrilled to provide a glimpse of ongoing endeavors in Sierra Leone, where the Njala University Living Lab (NUSL) is dedicated to promoting sustainable agriculture and improving local food security. NUSL shows its hydroponics system in action, and highlight their diligent attention to fine-tuning the fertilizer mix to ensure optimal plant growth. The LL hilights that their tomatoes are ripening beautifully, and they anticipate a successful harvest in just two short weeks. Tomatoes are a precious commodity in Sierra Leone, and the Njala University Living Lab is committed to contributing to their availability and affordability.
Furthermore, the LL is dedicating efforts to extend beyond traditional farming methods. The Njala University Living Lab is also gearing up for the launch of their insect unit, where Black Soldier Fly (BSF) larvae will play a crucial role in transforming organic waste into valuable resources. With these developments, the LL is taking significant steps towards creating a circular and sustainable agricultural system.

17-06-2023 at Njala University’s Living Lab

Njala University’s LL in Sierra Leone is nearing completion, with all the necessary blocks and materials secured for the BSF (Black Soldier Fly) part of the project. Additionally, the acquisition of pumps and materials for the hydroponics setup has been successfully purchased and they are now poised for installation. This initiative highlights Njala University’s dedication to sustainable practices and food security. By leveraging technology and community-driven efforts, they are paving the way for innovative solutions that hold promise for a brighter and more inclusive future.

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