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Kenyatta University

Practical Learning for Master’s Student at Kenyatta University

A master’s student from Kenyatta University is preparing to settle and feed the first colony of black soldier flies (BSF) obtained from the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology(ICIPE) in Kenya. The initiative marks an important step towards advancing sustainable waste management practices within the academic community. Ongoing data collection highlights the thorough examination of BSF cultivation dynamics and its relevance to waste reduction strategies. Such efforts present the commitment of students towards innovative solutions for environmental sustainability.

KU Living Lab Team

Collaboration is very important for success! The KU Living Lab team is working closely with three students. The goal is to share knowledge, learn together and build a more sustainable agriculture together.

27-07-2023 at Ku Living Lab

27-07-2023 Behold the inaugural yield from the KU Living Lab, a testament to innovation and sustainable cultivation. Bursting forth with vitality, the first crop growth of cucumber, mint, spinach and cowpeas stands as a herald of the commitment to harmonizing technology and nature. These thriving greens embody the harmonious convergence of academia and the environment, a living canvas where learning and growth intertwine.
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