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Aglobe Development Center

The Nigerian Air Force Impressed by the Aglobe Development Center Prototype

The Nigerian Air Force was impressed upon reviewing the prototype from the Aglobe Development Center. Dedication and hard work put into the creation of the prototype was recognised. The innovative design exceeds expectations!

Aglobe Development Center Team Empowering the Next Generation

The Aglobe Development Center Team is dedicated to empowering the next generation through the balanced blend of knowledge and nature. Their mission involves nurturing minds and planting the seeds of sustainable urban agriculture at Airforce Secondary School in Shasha, Lagos, Nigeria.

02-01-2024 at Aglobe Development Center Living Lab

For the second consecutive day, AGLOBE continues its meaningful initiative by generously distributing catfish to the esteemed elders of the host community. This ongoing activity underscores the commitment to sustained community engagement and emphasizes the positive outcomes of responsible aquaculture. AGLOBE’s dedication to sharing the benefits of innovative farming practices is evident as the distribution extends into its second day, strengthening connections within the community and showcasing the ongoing positive impact.

01-01-2024 at Aglobe Development Center Living Lab

AGLOBE, part of the incredible initiatives at INCiTiS-FOOD, is making a positive impact on the host community. In a generous gesture, AGLOBE is distributing catfish to the esteemed elders of the community. This act not only fosters community engagement but also highlights the commitment to sharing the benefits of sustainable aquaculture with those who contribute to the community’s well-being.

12-31-2023 at Aglobe Developemetn Centern Living Lab

In a recent agricultural triumph, the Living Lab in Lagos celebrated another successful harvest of Okra from its innovative granite growbed. The achievement underscores the lab’s commitment to sustainable farming practices and showcases the potential of cutting-edge agricultural technologies.

26-12-2023 at Aglobe Development Center Living Lab

One of ADC dedicated cultivators was reaping the rewards of his efforts! With skilled hands, he’s harvested a lush batch of African spinach Amaranthus, contributing to the sustainable agricultural practices at our Living Lab.

21-12-2023 at Aglobe Development Center Living Lab

Exciting news from our Living Lab – Aglobe Development Center is celebrating another successful harvest! Ten vibrant okras, collectively weighing an impressive 472 grams, showcase the fruitful outcomes.

16-11-2023 at Aglobe Development Center 

Fresh from the INCiTiS-FOOD Nigerian demonstration prototype, Aglobe Development Center is thrilled to share the bounty of harvested jute leaves! The journey of sustainable farming is flourishing in Nigeria, and INCiTiS-FOOD is excited to showcase the success of their innovative techniques.

06-11-2023 at Aglobe Development Center

The Living Lab at Nigeria has expanded their aquaponics system and has created a new one to further the creation and production of circular sustainable farming systems.

17-09- 2023 at Aglobe Development Center Living Lab

Sunday is typically a day of rest, but not for the hardworking team at Aglobe Development Center! The team is making final preparations to the grow beds to make sure they’re ready for the plants intended to be raised. Aglobe Development Center works every day to uphold its dedication to sustainable agriculture and cutting-edge farming methods.
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