KU- Kenyatta University
Founded in 1985, when it was granted its charter, Kenyatta University is a public research institution a centre of academic excellence that offers degrees in all academic programs at all levels. The University has 12 campuses, spread across Kenya. KU is accredited by the Commission of University Education, The Inter –University Council for East Africa, the African Association of Universities, and the Commonwealth Universities.
Role in the project:
KU‘s role in the INCiTiS Food project is to ensure that gender’s critical role is not only understood, recognised and adhered to by all partners in the project cycle. agriculture. This is because innovations target end users who live in categories of men, women, youth, and people living with numerous disabilities, and gender power dynamics existing within often militate against good results, subsequently bringing negative outcomes, which is not the aim of scientists. Gender inclusion minimizes such gaps. In addition, KU shall provide a Living Lab, where gender integrated persons derived from students and general community will have a hands-on innovations around circular technology.