24-11-2023 at the University of Ibadan Living Lab

Welcoming practical year students at the University of Ibadan Living Lab, where they explored the fascinating world of circular food systems! From aquaponics to insect production, Dr. Ajiboye presented an enlightening session, unraveling the core concepts of sustainable agriculture.

16-11-2023 at Aglobe Development Center 

Fresh from the INCiTiS-FOOD Nigerian demonstration prototype, Aglobe Development Center is thrilled to share the bounty of harvested jute leaves! The journey of sustainable farming is flourishing in Nigeria, and INCiTiS-FOOD is excited to showcase the success of their innovative techniques.

11-11-2023 at Njala University Living Lab

The team in Sierra Leone Living Lab has successfully harvested pupa and pre-pupa for their insect unit. Excitingly, the Njala University Living Lab now has a set of containers filled with pre-pupa available for sale to interested farmers in Sierra Leone.

06-11-2023 at Aglobe Development Center

The Living Lab at Nigeria has expanded their aquaponics system and has created a new one to further the creation and production of circular sustainable farming systems.

06-11-2023 at at Njala University Living Lab

The Living Lab’s green or salad peppers are now on their way to the market, ready to add a burst of freshness to meals in local communities! Meanwhile, the tomatoes in hydroponics systems are flourishing, promising a delightful and sustainable harvest.

02-11-2023 at Egerton Living Lab 

The Living Lab in Kenya is at full speed and is preparing for a new harvesting season. The vegetables, exposed to optimal growing conditions, are showing progress and will soon be ready for harvest.

31-10-2023 at Njala University Living Lab

The insect unit at INCiTiS-FOOD’s NUSL is making steady progress and is set to be ready for action soon. One of the components of the Living Lab’s circular food solution approach os the rearing of insects.

20-10-2023 at the University for Development Studies Living Lab

Recently the UDS Living Lab conducted an enlightening training session for summer school students from The West African Center for Sustainable Rural Transformation (WAC-SRT), focusing on the fascinating realm of urban and peri-urban agriculture. The model used for this immersive learning experience was none other than aquaponics, a sustainable agricultural method gaining prominence worldwide.
This initiative learning method exemplifies the LLs dedication to nurturing the environmental stewards of tomorrow. By providing hands-on training in the innovative field of aquaponics, the UDS LL aims to equip students with valuable insights and practical skills. As they dive into the complexities of urban and peri-urban agriculture, they gain a deeper understanding of its vital role in promoting sustainability and food security.

14-10-2023 at Bamenda University of Science and Technology Living Lab

The INCiTIS-FOOD Cameroon Living Lab is making significant development with the acquisition of essential items, including barrels and IBC tanks, which marks a pivotal step forward in bolstering their training infrastructure.
These new additions to the LLs resources have a specific focus – to elevate the standard of training within the Cameroon Living Lab. By equipping facilities with barrels and IBC tanks, the LL is laying the groundwork for a more comprehensive and hands-on training system. These tools will play a crucial role in educating and empowering individuals in the fields of aquaponics and sustainable agriculture.

26-10-2023 at Njala University Living Lab

Exciting developments at INCiTiS-FOOD Njala University Living Lab as their Black Soldier Fly (BSF) larvae are gearing up for takeoff in the insect unit! The LL will demonstrate sustainable insect farming in action.
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