Aglobe Development Center


Aquaponics, Insect Farming Rabbit and Snail Farming.


Major goal(s) of the Living Lab: Providing healthy food and improved nutritional diet to (peri-)urban population while conserving the environment as well as empowerment of vulnerable group through innovative production techniques and practices.

Why Aglobe Development Center?

AGLOBE Development Center, headquartered in Nigeria and operating in sub-Saharan Africa, is a Non-Profit/Governmental Organization (NGO) dedicated to research initiatives. It focuses on three core pillars: Agriculture, Technology, and Urban and Rural Development and Empowerment. To facilitate initial testing and experimentation, the center has a compact station and a partial greenhouse spanning an area of approximately 9 square meters. Additionally, plans are underway to establish larger Living Labs (LLs) comprising a greenhouse of around 60 square meters and an office space. These upcoming facilities will be situated in the Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos State, Nigeria.


Technology deployed in LL

Aquaponics, Insect Farming Rabbit and Snail Farming


Silver cock's comb, Spiny amaranth, Nalta jute, Okra, Lettuce,
African eggplant, Wild cabbage, Fish (African Catfish and Tilapia),
Giant African snail, Black Soldier Fly.

Target stakeholders

Fish and vegetable farmers,
cooperatives, policy-makers and vulnerable groups.


Providing healthy food and improved nutritional diet to (peri-)urban population while conserving the environment as well as empowering vulnerable groups through innovative production
techniques and practices.

Latest News

16-11-2023 at Aglobe Development Center 

Fresh from the INCiTiS-FOOD Nigerian demonstration prototype, Aglobe Development Center is thrilled to share the bounty of harvested jute leaves! The journey of sustainable farming is flourishing in Nigeria, and INCiTiS-FOOD is excited to showcase the success of their innovative techniques.

06-11-2023 at Aglobe Development Center

The Living Lab at Nigeria has expanded their aquaponics system and has created a new one to further the creation and production of circular sustainable farming systems.

17-09- 2023 at Aglobe Development Center Living Lab

Sunday is typically a day of rest, but not for the hardworking team at Aglobe Development Center! The team is making final preparations to the grow beds to make sure they’re ready for the plants intended to be raised. Aglobe Development Center works every day to uphold its dedication to sustainable agriculture and cutting-edge farming methods.

15-09-2023 at Aglobe Development Center

We’re overjoyed to report that the UDS Living Laboratory’s aquaponics system produced a successful harvest! We’ve harvested some stunning, homegrown okra today. However, our goal goes beyond just producing scrumptious food. As a token of appreciation for their generosity, we are happy to share these nutrient-dense okra with our kind host community. Our dedication to sustainable, community-driven agriculture depends on our ability to perform this act of giving back to the community. It’s all about developing relationships and changing the world for the better.

10-09-2023 at Aglobe Development Center Living Lab

The LL in Lagos is proud to announce its latest community initiative. In a gesture of goodwill, the living lab distributed nutrient-rich Ewedu (Jute Leaf) to its host community.

09-09-2023 at Aglobe Development Center Living Lab

The UDS Living Laboratory (UDS LL) is gearing up for an exciting phase of development. The team is diligently preparing growbeds, laying the foundation for innovative crop cultivation in Lagos.

28-08-2023 at the Aglobe Development Center Living Lab

A recent fruitful meeting initiated by Aglobe Development Centre Living Lab in order to discuss important policy matters happened. The meeting was held between the mentioned Living Lab, Lagos Ministry of Agriculture, University of the Bundeswehr Munich, and RFisheries Nigeria Limited to discuss the INCiTiS-FOOD initiative and the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP). Exploring pathways for sustainable city-region food systems in alignment with European Green Deal priorities and MUFPP objectives is a core principle of INCiTiS-FOOD.

27-08-2023 at the Aglobe Development Center Living Lab

Take a look at the heart of community empowerment at Aglobe Development Centre Living Lab, where the Living Lab participants are making a positive splash by distributing fish to their wonderful host community. This is particularly important as the Living Lab through its aquaponics systems aims at creating a constant supply of fresh and nutritious food.

13-08-2023 at the Aglobe Development Center Living Lab

A moment of fruition has arrived in INCiTiS-FOOD Nigeria Living Lab with harvesting of fish being underway, marking a significant achievement in our ongoing journey of innovation and sustainable practices. With careful consideration and meticulous planning, we have reached a point where our efforts in nurturing aquatic life have become circular. This pivotal action highlights our commitment to responsible aquaculture and resourceful utilization of natural systems.

04-08-2023 at Aglobe Development Center Living Lab

As we speak, at Aglobe Development Center Living Lab in Nigeria the cutting of the fish tanks is taking place, signifying an important leap towards our pursuit of innovation and advancement. This deliberate action underscores our unwavering dedication to shaping sustainable practices and harnessing the capabilities of modern technology. As the fish tank undergoes its transformation, it becomes a visual representation of our commitment to sculpting a future that places emphasis on efficiency, collaboration, and environmental stewardship.

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