FSH- Foodscale Hub Association Association for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Foodscale Hub is harnessing the power of technology and entrepreneurship to prepare a fair, resilient and sustainable future for Europe’s agri-food sector while building a prosperous ecosystem of partners. Commitment to building and improving scalable solutions, as well as creating disruptive business models that reshape the agrifood sector and have a positive impact on society are the essence of FSH. By participating in numerous research and innovation projects, FSH is transforming the future of food systems and supporting founders to gain access to funding, knowledge and a broad network in Europe and the USA.
Role in the project:
FSH will lead the dissemination and communication WP, contributing to the visual identity, plans, and strategies. FSH aims to design and implement a dissemination and communication plan, including the creation and distribution of online and offline content and mapping exploitation possibilities. FSH is also involved in establishing and maintaining a public repository for knowledge diffusion while providing support for the roadshow events in Africa. FSH will lead the initiative to collaborate with other projects, establish links, and organize networking events and workshops to build sustained cooperation with EC services and other relevant projects. Lastly, FSH will strongly contribute to preparation, delivery, and monitoring activities around open calls.