About Us

A brighter future for African cities: from food insecurity to sustainability!

With current African cities experiencing a growth in population with increase in consumption of protein-rich food, the INCiTiS-FOOD project hopes to create a system with novel practices to ensure a stable food future for Africa.

A look into existing African landscape

African urbanization is at 50%, with many net food buyers increasing their consumption of animal sourced food, fruits and veggies. Yet undernourishment and malnutrition persist due to lack of protein, micronutrients, and vitamin A. Fish accounts for up to 50% of protein intake in some countries but is still below global levels and Insects are already common in African diets. The African food system needs to change at its core.
INCiTiS-FOOD Living Labs: Shaping the future of food and nutrition in Africa

INCiTiS-FOOD will revolutionize the African food system. Through co-creation of cutting-edge circular agri-food technologies, practices, and business models, they are creating an inclusive food system that is both sustainable and accessible. With 8 living labs across 6 countries (Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, and Gabon) and a user-centric approach, INCiTiS-FOOD is applying a Lean Start-up Methodology to launch innovative technologies, services, practices, and products – empowering stakeholders to shape the future of food in Africa.

Empowering Africa through open calls

Once the INCiTiS-FOOD minimum viable products have achieved a satisfactory level of technological, social, and business preparedness after two years of the four-year project, usability testing will culminate in a demonstration phase for over 800-1000 start-ups and SMEs. This phase will be initiated by two Open Calls for the Cascade Fund (1.000.000€). The beneficiaries of this fund will be surveyed to generate evidence on the mutual benefits of the INCiTiS-FOOD technologies and business models, providing guidance on urban food policy roadmaps for African cities.