African Food Innovations:


From creating best-fit agri-food technologies and reducing environmental footprint to designing new business models, the INCiTiS-FOOD project will create an inclusive food system in African cities and towns.
INtegrated and Circular Technologies for Sustainable city region FOOD systems in Africa (INCiTiS-FOOD)

The INtegrated and Circular Technologies for Sustainable city region FOOD systems in Africa (INCiTiS-FOOD) project aims at revolutionizing African city region food systems by enhance food and nutrition security (FNS) across four vital dimensions – availability, access, utilization, and stability through solutions centered around soilless crop farming, recirculating aquaculture systems, and insect farming. These circular agri-food technologies have been considered suitable for the context of African cities because they do not require great access to land, water, or other resources allowing Africa to thrive.

Supporting innovative food systems and innovators:
Living Labs for Africa’s food systems

Within 4 years, leaning on a robust approach that prioritizes interdisciplinary research, stakeholder-led initiatives, and collaboration between Europe and Africa, INCiTiS-FOOD will empower communities and champion environmental justice. Furthermore, the project will empower communities by creating opportunities for them in agri-food supply and value chains. A core part of the INCiTiS-FOOD’s collaborative multi-actor approach are the 8 Living Labs located in 6 countries across 3 African regions: East: Kenya; West: Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone; Central: Cameroon, Gabon. Living labs, in contrast to a traditional laboratory operate in a real-life context with a user-centric approach, will be turned into incubators and accelerators of innovation that will be used beyond the project’s duration.
Living Labs
African Regions
WHAT IS the INCiTiS-FOOD Knowledge Hub
The INCITIS-FOOD Knowledge Hub is a one-stop-shop digital space for knowledge diffusion and information dissemination capturing the development of INCITIS-FOOD Living Labs. Here key INCITIS-FOOD concepts and results are summarized in an easy-to-understand manner in order to effectively translate knowledge and increase acceptability of new information.

Transforming Africa's Urban and Peri-urban Food Systems



Universities, NGOs, SMEs, banking intermediaries, digital agri-hub, MUFPP-network, excellent EAB.

Scalable & Circular Agri-Food & Business Solutions

25,000+ invididuals with improved food & nutrition service & food safety.


Innovation, Co-Creation, Piloting, Demonstration

Inclusion of all stakeholders, with focus on women & young adults.


City-Region Food Systems

Circular agri-food systems. Inclusive job & sustainable income creation.

Prof. Dr Gertrud Buchenrieder,
Universität der Bundeswehr München

A note from the coordinator

” Since current African food systems are failing to deliver desired outcomes and a quarter of those who inhabit African cities remain food insecure and malnourished, we need to redefine and modernize the production and food availability. There are different methods to prevent food instability: availability of nutritious and safe food through local production, food access and affordability, food utilization, reduction of food waste, and food stability at all times. The INCiTiS-FOOD project aims to combine all these pillars and with its circular agri-tech solutions in 8 Living Labs in Africa not only transform African city region food production but also empower communities. ”

Partners of INCiTiS-FOOD Project

The INCiTiS-FOOD Project combines 23 partners with multidisciplinary competencies and experiances from Europe and Africa in sectors of academia, industru, reserch, communication and other varios fileds.